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Are you looking for an efficient option to enhance the product quality and yield for consumer devices, semiconductors, fiber optics, or industrial equipment? Electronics manufacturing automation encompasses a broad range of technologies that integrate with industrial machines and systems to enhance productivity, efficiency, and flexibility of manufacturers. That’s why IMAXCHIP TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD aims to provide the engineering and integration of custom automated turnkey solutions to automate the manufacturing processes for industrial and consumer electronics.

As an industry leader, we work closely with companies like you to equip your business with custom-tailored industrial automation solutions that revolutionize your industries and strengthen your competitive advantages. From the design and engineering process to pre-production, pilot production, and mass production, we have the experience that is essential to revolutionizing your investments. Our advanced robotic systems support electronics manufacturing processes, eliminating the need to perform repetitive manual tasks such as screen handling, connector assembly, and inspection. Thus, if you want to maximize consistency, output, and manufacturing flexibility, contact us now for more details.

Our Unique Approach

IMAXCHIP TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD provides fast and intuitive solutions for complex, customizable systems. We excel at mechanical and electro-mechanical builds, with extensive experience in full-service solutions. Let us custom-design the next solution for your business.

Smooth Manufacturing Transition

As your partner, we customize each process to ensure a smooth transition and communicate at every step of production. We engage early to help you create documentation, source parts, and validate efficient manufacturing processes to allow easy fabrication.

New Product Development

The moment you start thinking about a new product or service, you also have to start planning for manufacturing. You can depend on our expertise in design and engineering to develop innovative solutions for manufacturing your product fast, flexible, and cost-effective.

Critical Component Sourcing

Our sourcing strategies empower you to achieve the best quality products at a reasonable cost. Our materials are sourced from widely spread locations across the globe to make sure that we meet our delivery schedule without fail — especially if it’s a critical component.

Tailored Production

We are a highly effective manufacturing partner for small to medium volume, high complexity products for use in highly regulated environments. From building systems, assemblies, and boards, we strive to offer you a solution that is unique to your business needs.

Detailed Testing

In today’s competitive electronics market, quality and product conformity are more crucial than ever. That’s why our in-depth testing and comprehensive quality control can assure that every batch of our products meets the highest standards of performance and reliability, eliminating bugs and enhancing efficiency.

The New Frontier of Manufacturing

With a mission to maximize your operational efficiency and profitability, our line of automated manufacturing solutions includes high-speed assembly equipment, precision cutting machinery, and many others. Whether it’s handling display screens and connectors, assembling circuit boards, performing inspections, dispensing sealants or adhesives, or packing finished products, we deliver custom-tailored innovative systems with the unique capabilities to boost your production and deliver on time to your customers.

When you partner with IMAXCHIP TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, you’ll leverage the following benefits.

Boost Your Business Efficiency & Productivity

Manufacturing automation involves the use of machines to conduct certain tasks that would otherwise be carried out by people — leading to increased efficiency and productivity. With the help of machines, companies are able to complete more work within a shorter amount of time, while also increasing accuracy and quality. These electro-mechanical solutions can complete well-defined and repetitive jobs faster than humans.

Grow Your Business Quicker

Since the process is automated, it makes manufacturing easier, increasing your profits while lowering your costs. When integrated manufacturing techniques are adopted, they can help you run your business faster and more effectively. In addition, it provides a great possibility for your company to develop and manufacture new products and systems. Thus, adding more revenue.

Quality Output

Improving the performance and efficiency of basic manufacturing processes in electronics manufacturing will free up engineers and electronics manufacturers to concentrate on higher-value activities. These improvements will result in high-quality products because they will allow designers and engineers to put their creative energies into innovations that are both valuable and feasible.

Mass Customization

Manufacturers are seeing the capacity to cater to their customer’s specific tastes, preferences, and market requirements while maintaining high quality and safety standards without incurring losses. By leveraging configurable robots and sensors on assembly lines, manufacturers can mass-produce customized products designed to meet unique customer requirements.

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