Fast Electronic Components Delivery

Who Do We Cater?

While we strive to provide resources for a wide range of industries, our focus is on electronics manufacturing since this industry produces most of the technological advancements in modern life. We aim to become the one-stop shop for electronic manufacturing, supporting engineers in the creation of cutting-edge electronic technologies. This is because we want this industry to continue innovating cutting-edge electronic technologies for other businesses and improving our quality of life.

Years Experience


Industries Served


Factories Built


Well Maintained

We are exclusively reputed for our maintenance of everything specifically Schedule.

Industrial Specialist

We have experienced specialists on every branch of our work so that we stay in the line.

Latest Equipmets

We are just on top of the tide when it comes to the equipments. We use the latest of them all.

Safety Commitment

“Success will always be with you, as long as you place safety as the first priority” and we firmly believe in it.

Why Partner With Us?

As a global market leader with years of experience, IMAXCHIP TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD provides best-in-class innovations to equip customers with customized, industrial automation solutions for optimized manufacturing operations and enhanced business performance. Our professional team, attention to detail, and passion for quality have earned us a strong reputation as a leader in on-shore project management. We use proprietary methodologies and proven engineering experience to deliver cost-effective solutions in electronic controls, engineered specifically for your project needs.
    Our clients trust us because of the following:

  • Leading industrial solutions with best machinery
  • Years of experience and Learning
  • Experienced specialist researchers.
  • Reputed for maintaining Schedule
  • Latest of the Equipments
  • Committed for the safety of the customers